Friday, May 12, 2017

Announcing our 2017 writing contest

The Burnaby Writers’ Society 2017 Writing Contest: Cooked to Death

Calling on all writers to explore a murder mystery with a culinary twist. Draw on your rage at being trapped by cable companies into watching hours of cooking competitions. Pull out a favourite activity involving food – anything goes - baking bread, making soups, exploring ethnic foods, you name it. Just be sure to kill someone off. The contest is open to all genres; we look forward to reading all the ways creative minds can play with the theme. Prizes are $200, $100 and $50, plus a year’s newsletter subscription/membership for honourable mention.

Please have your submissions in by July 31st, Entries are to be one page in length and formatted in Calibri 12. The entry fee is $10 for 1 entry and $25 for 3 entries. Your name, email address or phone number should be clearly identified on the reverse side of your submission, not on the front. Please mail your entry along with a cheque to Burnaby Writers’ Society 6584 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby BC V5G 3T7.

For further clarification, please contact

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