Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Witch Lightning by James Lewis is now available on amazon.com

The Kindle edition of James Lewis's magic realist novel Witch Lightning can now be ordered from amazon.com's kindle store for  a limited time at $5.99.

Witch Lightning is the story of a high steel man and a girl. They're an odd pair: he's chosen the rough, hard-drinking life of an ironworker, she seeks out the quiet of a cathedral rather than the bright lights of the city where she lives.

It seems possibilities for them end when he goes to work a thousand miles away on British Columbia's north coast. Danger, drinking and violence fill his life, solitude and the music she plays in the cathedral fill hers. All they have is one one night together, one act of kindness.

Witch Lightning is also the story of a collision between progress and a native culture has survived thousands of years, and continues to survive, even flourish, if hidden. Who will win? What awaits the hearts of the two young people? Join them on their journey.

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