Friday, January 4, 2013

Members' News

Kathleen Schmitt’s e-novel, Conversations with Amelia, is now on Amazon, Sony Reader, Kobo, and Ebook Pie, and soon on other sites.

More than anything twelve-year-old Hannah Heywood wants to attend a “normal” school. She grabs the opportunity of her family's move to Spyder Hill, Texas, to take control of her life. Enrolling herself in the local junior high school, she gets on the swim team and begins to teach herself the basic arithmetic she failed to learn back in Virginia at what she calls a “special school for misfits”. Informed by her Uncle Andrew, former P-51 fighter squadron commander with two silver stars, Hannah “meets” the woman pilot Amelia Earhart who becomes her best friend and confidante. Through imaginary conversations and adventures with Amelia, Hannah develops the ability to trust and to learn common sense ... Read more about the book on  and visit Kathleen's amazon page here.

Eileen Kernaghan's 2004 historical fantasy Winter on the Plain of Ghosts: a Novel of Mohenjo-daro is  now available from Amazon sites as a kindle e-book.  English writer and blogger Rebeccah Giltrow  interviews Eileen on her "Rebeccah Writes" blog.

The  groundbreaking anthology of fusion fiction, Like Water for Quarks, (Elton Elliott and Bruce Taylor, eds.,) which includes Mary E. Choo's short story, "The Man Who Loved Lightning," is now available from Baen e-books. You can find information at this link on the Baen Books website.

Peter Hansen’s novel Eye In The Dark is now  available online at
and as an amazon kindle e-book. Eye In The Dark tells the journey of Hank Haraldsen from Norway to British Columbia to seek out a First Nations' Shaman to remove a Viking curse. Hank's son, Isaac, 27 years later, comes to Canada to find his father, whom he has never met. Kristian Berge, a Christian Priest, orchestrates their arrest for participating in an illegal Potlatch dance. Eye In The Dark will take you from a Viking funeral in 1021 to a Winter Ceremonial dance of the Kwakiutl First Nation in 1951, as the characters struggle with beliefs and culture, with desire for identity and peace by way of a hidden past. eBook Price: $9.99

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