Sunday, June 22, 2008


Bernice Lever, on Feb. 29, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Vancouver Public Library and World Poets. Bernice won 1st prize and an Honourable Mention, the Wm. Henry Drummond prize in the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival, Ontario. She had 2 poems in posted with "Ink, Sweat and Tears" in the UK; 2 poems in TOPS's, "Sounding the Seconds", Ontario; 1 poem in "Tale Spinners", Alberta; and 3 poems posted on "Pens on Fire", US. . July 11-13, she is giving readings, Blue Pencil sessions and on a poetry panel for "Write On Bowen - A Festival for Readers and Writers."

Eileen Holland's
article "Going to the Island" appeared in Senior Living magazine, February 2008 issue.

Two stories entered by Ken Kilback in the 76th Annual Writers' Digest Writing Competition, "Pirates in the Classroom" and "The Day My Grandpa Went Fishing," received Honourable Mention certificates in the children’s category. There were over 19,000 entries spread over ten categories, which averages out to over 1,900 entries for the children's category.

John Joyce’s articleWashington DC – The American Experience, or is it?” appears online at

John's one-act play, Inside Fleetwood Gym, was read to an enthusiastic audience at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre’s “Scriptease" Night.

David Glyn-Jones' story "Upstaged" appears in Sniplits, a new publisher of downloadable audio short stories. . Meanwhile, David's story “Communication” has been accepted by paperplates e- magazine (Toronto) for a future issue

Casey Wolf 's fantasy short story "Aggie's Game" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Storyteller.

Mary Choo’s poem “Jig (from Grannie’s Garden),” which was published in ChiZine #30, and Rhea Rose’s story “Summer Silk”, from Tesseracts 10, both received honourable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2007. Mary has sold her short story, “The Language of Crows,” which appeared on the World Fantasy Convention 2001 CD-ROM, to PSEUDOPOD – the Horror Podcast Magazine

Irene Livingston’s villanelle “Backpacks on Buses” will be published in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Verse Afire. Three of Irene’s children’s poems, Let a Smile Be Your Bumrella”, “Hip Tips For Camping Trips “ and “Back-Words Walking” have been accepted for a forthcoming children’s poetry anthology, Poems for Big Kids, edited by Neil McAlister; and Irene’s “Naked in a Glass-Blue Lake” has been chosen by Leaf Press as a forthcoming Monday Poem. Her poem “Mother-Face” has been selected for publication in the Arborealis Prize for Poetry contest book..

Congratulations to BWS Life Member Marie Dye, who celebrated her 90th birthday in October. The occasion was celebrated with a gala party October 20, hosted by the Nanaimo Theatre Group. Marie is a Life Member of the theatre, and with her late husband Frank, has been a volunteer with the group since first moving to Nanaimo in 1979.

Bernice Lever’s 8th poetry collection Never a Straight Line is included in the Palm Poet Series from Black Moss Press. Bernice is Writer-in-Residence for Vancouver and Ottawa branches of CAA, editing and providing marketing advice at a reasonable rate for members and non-members. Bernice has had four poems accepted by Pen, Pittsburg, US; two poems by Ink, Sweat & Tears, Denton, UK; and one poem by Aspect Aspirations, Nanaimo, BC. She read poems as a Lifetime Achievement Award winner on Feb. 29, at the 7th Annual Gala: World Poets and Vancouver Public Library; March 27.

Greg Bauder’s poem “Selene” appeared in the February 2008 issue of the online magazine Synic. Greg’s poetry collection Walls and Headspace and his short fiction collection Paranoid Lost are both under contract with Chipmunka Publishers in England, and he is about to sign a contract with Chipmunka for his third novel, The Mystic Ill Man.

Debra Purdy Kong received honourable mention for her story “Some Mother’s Child” in the Surrey International Writers Conference writing contest, while Irene Livingston received honourable mention for two poems, “Sing to Me Now” and “Mother-Face” in Pandora Collective’s recent Summer Dream contest.

Jean Hubbard had a short Christmas story in the December Homemakers magazine. As well, in a story published in the Vancouver Sun, Jean wrote about her father meeting the King and Queen in Brandon Manitoba on their 1939 cross-Canada train tour. Jean’s father was one of two RCMP officers on guard at the foot of the observation car. Some of Jean’s wartime experiences are included in Proudly She Marched, by Ruth Russell, published by the Canadian Women’s Army Corp. The book contains stories of the young women who trained at the Kitchener, Ontario barracks. Jean, who joined the Corp at 18, is represented by several paragraphs on her early days selling war bonds in Flin Flon Manitoba, along with a photo of Jean and her RCMP father, with Jean in her “Miss Canada” outfit. The book also tells Jean’s story of meeting her future husband in a troop train. The North Shore News had a writeup and a photo of Jean on her favourite bench in John Lawson Park, West Vancouver.

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