Thursday, May 5, 2016

Announcing Our 2016 Writing Competition

Calling all writers: “400 Years Since Shakespeare” is the 2016 theme of the annual contest held by the Burnaby Writers’ Society. Have fun playing with all there is to know about The Bard – whether he was the greatest writer in English history, a charlatan, or the disguise for a powerful nobleman who was the true playwright. The contest is open to all genres; we look forward to reading all the ways creative minds can play with the theme. Submission could (though not necessarily) be in the form of a sonnet, or written in iambic pentameter; the opportunity to have some fun is endless. Prizes are $200, $100 and $50, plus a year’s membership/subscription for honourable mention. Please have your submissions in by July 31st, Entries are to be one page in length and formatted in Calibri 12. The entry fee is $10 for 1 entry and $25 for 3 entries. Your name and email address or phone number should be clearly identified on the reverse side of your submission. Please mail your entry along with cheque or money order to Burnaby Writers’ Society 6584 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby BC V5G 3T7.

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