Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our 2013 writing contest: the winners and finalists!

We’re very pleased to announce the results of our 2013 writing contest on the theme of ‘Air’. All winners and finalists are invited to read their entries at our Awards Night on October 15th 2013 at La Fontana Caffe, 101-3701 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC, starting at 7 pm. For more information and further updates, join us on Facebook at   --- Kelly Dycavinu, BWS President

1st Place:"Closure 1966" , Julia Van Gorder, Vancouver .  Judge’s note: "Powerful and personal, with precise use of language."

2nd Place: "On Thin Air ",  Caroline Wong, Burnaby , Judge’s note: "A poem-story with a potent and semi-erotic cliffhanger."

3rd Place:" Hurricane Watch",  Clarissa P. Green, Vancouver .  Judge’s note: "Evocative language with the absence of sentimentality."

Honourable Mention: " without regret",  Daniela Elza, Vancouver. Judge’s note: "A poet with remarkable powers. More! "

Honourable Mention : " The Space Between Notes",  M.S. Chapman, White Rock. Judge’s note: "A strong fictional voice. More! "


"Stop Vancouver ",  Julia Van Gorder, Vancouver;
"Last Sunday in August",  Julia Van Gorder, Vancouver
"Air Travel",  Jonina Kirton, Vancouver
"The Air Within",  Margo Prentice, New Westminster
"Air of Consequence", Anne Helps, White Rock
"Gosling Faith",  Ruth Hill, Chetwynd
"Air: Particulate Count", Alvin G. Ens, Abbotsford
"On Air," Cindy Dayneswood, Gibsons
"The Scent of Laughter," Lorrie Miller, Vancouver
"Under Pressure",  Erin McNair, Laurie Davidson and Lorrie Miller, Vancouver
"Breath of Air",  Jadzia Prenosil, Burnaby
"Air Born",  Sharron Bertchilde, Nanaimo
"Water child",  Sarah Volpatti, North Vancouver
"Air",  Dorothy Podmore, Surrey
"An Air of Authority",  Valerie Fletcher Adolph, Delta
"The Reading",  Caroline Wong, Burnaby
"HUMSUM",  Abigail Mani, Burnaby
"Chord ",  Caroline Wong, Burnaby
"Spring Drive",  Judy Millar, Nanaimo
"God’s Long Finger ",  Lindsay Glauser Kwan, Vancouver
"The Air That I Breathed ",  Helen Carkner, Gibsons
"The Immigrant ",  Connie Wadge, White Rock
"O2",  Janet Kvammen, Burnaby
"An Air of Peace",  Valerie Fletcher Adolph, Delta

This year’s judge, Linda Svendsen, is a producer, screenwriter, fiction writer, and story editor. Her recent novel, Sussex Drive (2012), is a startlingly funny and deeply satisfying satirical novel that makes the Canadian political scene accessible from the female perspective, behind the scenes at the top of the hill. Her story collection Marine Life (1992) was nominated for the LA Times First Novel Award and produced as a feature film. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, O. Henry Prize Stories and The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. She is a Professor in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.


Monica W said...

Out of curiosity, how many total entries did you receive?

Monica W said...

Out of curiosity--how many entries did you receive (approximately)?

Eileen Kernaghan said...

The contest committee tell me that they received well over one hundred entries.