Thursday, November 10, 2011

The latest news from our members

Podcast: "Listen to This" : Marie Ellis read an excerpt from Eileen Kernaghan's  YA fantasy Wild Talent.Also on YouTube: Casey Wolf reads from Eileen's novel Winter on the Plain of Ghosts.

Now available on kindle: "Redemption Kid" by James Lewis  is a short story about a teenager who gets involved with drugs and along the way loses a good part of his humanity. But Redemption Kid is a story about hope not despair. The kid really wants to get back what he has lost. Of course a sacrifice must be made.
With "Redemption Kid" James has added another short story, "The World’s Best Hangover Cure" about a young working man who happens to be friends with a witch. He seeks out her help with a problem he’s having and gets more than he bargained for. Buy it here.

Bernice Lever’s 10th poetry book, Imagining Lives , from Black Moss press, has moved from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012. Bernice has two poems and a short prose piece in the annual North Shore Writers anthology, CAKE; and three of her poems will be included in Candice James’ Silverbow anthology. “Anniversaries” was published in Ascent Aspirations (Nanaimo) in September, and another poem “Birth Date” will appear in Prairie Journal. Verse Afire, TOPS, Toronto, winter issue, has Bernice’s review of Katerina Vaughan Fretwell's poetry book.

Announcing Mild Muses by John Joyce. How can there be humour in a medical waiting room or even visiting a physiotherapy clinic? Mild Muses does find the funny side. Also the royal game of tennis is taken to task. What about a national sales meeting? Can it be funny with out anyone realizing? Read Mild Muses for the answer. Now at  Smashwords Sony ebookstore

The LiteraryFiction magazine Bellaonline has published John's  "Ginger Rogers Played Tennis in North Vancouver". Paul and Anne Marie's neighbor, Peggy, seems a melancholy soul until a trip south revives her interest in tennis. After her return, Paul finds himself becoming her partner in a social pas de deux - a sort of Ginger and Fred number - in this original story by John Joyce. As well, the LiteraryFiction magazine Wild Violet has published John's article "Perceptions of New York".

Mary E. Choo's poem, "Witch Sticks," appears in the Volume 47, Week 12 (June 20 – 26, 2011) mega-issue of ChiZine ; the installment is part of the overall mega-issue that runs from April through June, 2011 and features new work from contributors every week. 

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